About Us

Our mission is to support the health and wellness of the people of Nipissing and area.

“The active therapist is always evolving, continuously growing in self-knowledge and awareness. We are cradlers of secrets never before shared. Receiving these secrets is a privilege given to few. We become explorers immersed in the grandest and most complex of pursuits – the human development and maintenance of the human mind.

I feel like a guide escorting patients through the rooms of their own house (life). It is an extraordinary privilege to belong to the venerable and honorable guild of healers.”

The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients by Irvin D. Yalom, MD

The Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing is a fully accredited, non-profit organization providing professional counselling services and community programs to individuals, couples, and families. The Centre also has public education and consulting services available to community organizations and industry.

The Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing is located on the traditional territory of the Nipissing First Nation Anishinaabe. This territory is covered by the Robinson-Huron and Upper Canada Treaties. We recognize the contributions of Metis, Inuit and other Indigenous peoples who have been stewards of this land for thousands of years. As settlers, this recognition of the contributions and historic importance of Indigenous peoples must also be clearly and overtly connected to our collective commitment to make the promise and the challenge of Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities. 

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Our Values

  1. Inclusiveness

We believe that individuals should be supported in reaching their own unique potential.  This requires a fundamental acceptance of the uniqueness of others.  As a result, we define family as inclusive of same sex marriage or other family group arrangements.

  1. Community Integration

We believe that by supporting and empowering individuals and by working collaboratively with our neighbouring agencies, we are building a healthy community.

  1. Equity

We believe that individuals should be treated with respect and dignity.

  1. Self Determination

We believe that people have the right to choose what is best for themselves.

  1. Anti-Oppression

We believe in the eradication of social injustice perpetuated by structural inequities, focusing on age, ancestry, colour, race, ethnic/place of origin, creed, (dis)ability, marital or single status, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, class and occupation.  Further, we uphold the principles of feminism by understanding the nature of gender inequality objectification, (especially sexual objectification), oppression, patriarchy, stereotyping, art and aesthetics.

We are committed to understanding oppression and challenging the power structures that create injustice, as well as; examining our resources and privileges and using these thoughtfully, respectfully, working within the principles of participatory democracy setting the example of equalizing power and creating safe space for all to actively participate, becoming allies for those affected by social, economic and environmental justice.

We are committed to anti-oppression practices via:

  • respect, by eliminating all forms of oppression in our structures, systems, hiring practices and provision of services
  • equity, by using an inclusive, anti-oppression, and participatory framework
  • inclusion, by ensuring staff are reflective of the communities we serve and ensuring accommodation under the Human Rights Code.
  • access, by ensuring the inclusion, and accommodation of people with disabilities
  • leadership, by examining and improving all our interactions, practices and policies, as well as being pro-actively engaged in anti-oppression training.
  • justice, by implementing procedures that address discriminatory behaviour.
  • advocacy, by working for the removal of barriers to quality services and supporting others work that is committed to the elimination of oppression.

Community Counselling Centre’s core values of anti-oppression, equity, inclusiveness and self-determination is centered in our work with clients and in our community. We acknowledge that oppression exists in all institutions in our society and we are committed to mitigate its effects and equalize power imbalances in our community. As an anti-racism organization, we vow to purposefully identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race and color and the impact(s) they have on our clients, our organization, and health care and social services systems. We will also challenge ourselves to understand privilege, personal biases and correct any inequities we may discover may be affecting our clinical work with clients.    

We recognize all types of diversity including and not limited to language/langue Française, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, age, class, citizenship status, religion and abilities. As an agency, we welcome the ways this diversity will deepen our shared understanding of others and how we can support and respond to these identities with an intersectional approach to ensure the safety and inclusion of all peoples 

We celebrate and honor the strength, creativity and power that comes from experiencing different viewpoints, backgrounds, and cultures.