Group Services

Services at CCCNIP include the provision of groups. They may be educational, psycho-educational and therapeutic in nature. Group planning for the year typically occurs in late summer. The following is a list and description of groups provided by the Centre.

Service to Families

Family Counselling/Therapy is one of the modalities offered by the Centre.

Family counselling is offered across agency programs (for example, Employee and Family Assistance, Addictions), and is consistent with the Centre’s values of Inclusiveness, Community Integration, Equity, Self Determination and Anti-Oppression.

Within the scope of family therapy practice, this means that we define family as inclusive of same-sex marriage and other family group arrangements. We believe in working in collaboration with our community partners to strengthen family functioning, and we believe that all family members are to be treated with respect and dignity. We believe that families have the right to decide what is best for themselves.

Further, we work towards the eradication of social injustices perpetuated towards families due to structural inequities that focus on age, ancestry, colour, race, ethnic origin, (dis)ability, gender, sexual orientation or identity, class and occupation.

The purpose of family counselling is to support individual and family goals, to promote emotional growth and development, and to manage change and accelerate conflict resolution.

Back on Track

A psycho-educational group mandated by judicial decision, for those who have been convicted of impaired driving. Group is preceded by an assessment that determines whether a one or two day group is required. Full attendance and participation as well as post group follow up is necessary for successful completion.

Family Group Decision Making

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) is a process which joins you with relatives and friends, to develop a plan to ensure that your child(ren) are cared for.

Structured Relapse Prevention

Therapeutic groups are held separately for men and women, as well as other identified groups such as those on probation, who wish to increase their understanding and skills in regards to addressing the triggers of addiction relapse.

Breaking Family Rules

A psycho-educational/therapeutic group, for significant others who are struggling with the familial effects of addiction. Group members are screened may have brief individual or family therapy in advance of group participation.

Guided Self Change

Is an education presentation of two hours, offered monthly to probation clients, who are in a pre-contemplative stage of change, and whose substance use has impacted legal issues in their lives.

Changing Patterns

Changing Patterns is a group for mothers or caregivers who have experienced abuse from their partners and their children who have witnessed it. These groups teach children and their caregivers the skills to cope and rebuild their lives after experiencing or witnessing violence. Mothers and Caregivers learn how to best help their children heal after being exposed to violence.

Topics include, keeping yourself safe, dealing with the emotions, understanding that it’s not your fault, believing in yourself, and learning that it’s ok to talk about what you have experienced.

This program is a partnership of a variety of children’s and women’s service agencies. It is free of charge and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Snacks are provided, financial assistance is available for transportation and child care.

This group is also available for aboriginal caregivers and children according to traditional teachings and culture.

Partner Assault Response

This men’s group is available both in North Bay and in the district of Temiskaming. This is a psycho-educational group, mandated by judicial decision via the Crown Attorney or Probation and Parole, based on charges of domestic violence. Men are screened in advance of group, and must accept accountability for their behaviour by making payment for group and by acknowledging responsibility for their actions. Partner contact is made periodically to monitor men’s behaviour as experienced by the victim. Attendance and active participation are compulsory for successful completion. Reports are submitted to the Crown Attorney or Probation and Parole.

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Partner Intervention Program

This psycho-educational women’s group is mandated for those charged with domestic violence offenses. Most of the participants are also victims of violence against women. Women are screened in advance of group participation and are expected to be accountable for their behaviour. Attendance and active participation are necessary for successful completion. Reports are submitted to the Crown Attorney or Probation and Parole.


This women’s psycho-educational and therapeutic group is designed for women who have participated in some form of individual therapy in regards to domestic violence against women or sexual assault. A variety of therapeutic modalities are used to reinforce women’s capacity for moving from victim to survivor, survivor to thriver. This is often the first in a series of women’s group experiences at the Centre.


This psycho-educational and therapeutic group teaches and promotes the practice of women moving forward in their lives in assertive mode. Given traumatic histories, women are provided with opportunities to experience a re-claiming of their ideas, their actions and their bodies.

Sexual Assault

This therapeutic group for women usually follows individual therapy and is seen as a stepping stone towards regaining power over her own body. Societal gender messages about sexual assault are critically explored and the group process accelerates healing from trauma.

Male Survivors

This is a therapeutic group for men who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood or as youth, and is generally preceded by individual counselling. Men are able to discuss the gender-specific consequences of their trauma and the effects on relationships as an adult. The group focuses on moving forward by sharing trust and developing healthy relationships.


This is a psycho-educational group for teens and young adults who have a developmental disability and want to discuss social and sexual relationships with their peers. Discussions are focused on healthy social and dating relationships, as well as sexual education.