Partner Intervention Program

PIP (Partner Intervention Program) for Women

The program is open to women referred by the justice system. It is designed to help women learn about the cycle of domestic violence and to educate them about abusive behaviours in intimate relationships.

What are the Goals of the Program?

  1. To increase awareness of abuse in intimate partner relationships.
  2. To learn new skills of self-control, non-violence, positive communication and conflict resolution.
  3. To take full responsibility for those behaviours.
  4. To build a support network that supports non-violence.

Where do you Start?

  1. Once you have been referred to the PIP program by the court, contact the Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing by phone or in person to complete an intake assessment.
  2. An assessment interview will then be schedule with you by the PIP facilitator who will explain the group progress to you further.
  3. You will then attend a total of 4 sessions that will be held at the Community Counselling Centre once a week for two hours.
  4. There is no fee for this program. We also offer a Partner Assault Response program for men who have been charged with domestic violence.