Counselling for Men Who have been Sexually Abused

As one outcome of the Cornwall Inquiry, The Ministry of the Attorney General established a pilot project for men victims of sexual abuse and/or assault. Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing, as an affiliate of Thunder Bay Family Counselling services, is the recipient of provincial government funds to provide counselling for men who have been sexually abused. This pilot project is currently funded on a year to year basis.

As survivors of sexual victimization, men are in a vulnerable position. Often struggling with relationships in youth and adulthood, men are sometimes limited by traditional views of masculinity to openly address the confusion, anger and grief that stem from childhood sexual abuse. Although men and women share many experiences in their recovery from sexual assault, men are challenged to confront their demons in a society that appears to reward the illusion of power and control.

Drawing on best practices from the Men’s Project, with references to Tom Wilken’s book, Rebuilding Your House of Self Esteem, as well as Fireweed, a group therapy manual for male survivors of sexual abuse by Jill Passmore. Both individual and group therapy is offered at no cost. Our counsellors provide a safe environment for men who wish to reclaim themselves from victim to survivor and move their lives on to the future.