Counselling for Women who have been abused

Does your partner prevent you from seeing your friends? Does your boyfriend or family member push you around or call you names? Abuse can take many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or financial.

If you are or have been in a relationship with an intimate partner or family member who is abusive and/or controlling, private counselling, education and therapy groups are available.

We offer a safe, supportive environment for women, age 16 and older, who have been assaulted or abused, to talk about their experiences and examine their options. Counselling is offered in individual settings as well as in groups. There is no charge for this service.

If after going through the list below you hear yourself saying “that’s exactly what my partner or parent/sibling does”, you have reason to be concerned if he/she:

  • Wants to be with you constantly
  • Gives orders and expects you to follow them
  • Pressures you to commit, go steady, or move in right away
  • Expects you to “forgive and forget” right away
  • Discourages you from spending time with your friends
  • Blames you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship
  • Sees everything as personal attacks
  • Uses sulking or anger to manipulate you into giving in
  • Was violent to past partners or others in previous relationships
  • Yells and curses during an argument in order to scare you into agreeing

If you identify with any of the above statements, call us for more information (705) 472-6515 and ask to speak with the Intake Coordinator.

Changing Patterns

Changing Patterns is a group for mothers or caregivers who have experienced abuse from their partners and their children who have witnessed it. These groups teach children and their caregivers the skills to cope and rebuild their lives after experiencing or witnessing violence. Mothers and Caregivers learn how to best help their children heal after being exposed to violence.

Topics include, keeping yourself safe, dealing with the emotions, understanding that it’s not your fault, believing in yourself, and learning that it’s ok to talk about what you have experienced.

This program is a partnership of a variety of children’s and women’s service agencies. It is free of charge and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Snacks are provided, financial assistance is available for transportation and child care.

This group is also available for aboriginal caregivers and children according to traditional teachings and culture.