Resident Placement Advisory Committee (RPAC)

Problems with your placement?

Let us know! We are here to hear you out.

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The Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing operates RPAC for children and youth from Northern Ontario.

RPAC reviews if your housing placement is right for you and fits your needs.

Our friendly and experienced committee members take all viewpoints into consideration.

When do reviews happen?

When you move into a new home with ten or more youth, the RPAC review takes place within the first 6 weeks or,

When your housing placement or any kind or size doesn’t feel like it’s working for you, contact us!

What does a review look like?

We will schedule a visit or a phone call with you. Tell us what’s on your mind, how things are going and share any concerns about your placement.

The review can include others who are involved with your care.

Our hope is that you will take part in the review, but if you choose not to, that’s OK too.

We will contact you with the RPAC results and recommendations.

Contact us anonymously if you have questions about the RPAC review process. We’re here to help!

When you call us, be sure to tell the receptionist you want to talk to the RPAC.