Counselling for Women who have been Sexually Abused

Very few women who have experienced sexual assault report the incident to police. Yet we know that one in four women is likely to experience a sexual assault during her lifetime. For most women, sexual assault is a secret that they carry all their lives. Secrets like these can be harmful and can lead to depression, anxiety, flashbacks, memory gaps, self harm, nightmares, self hate, alcohol or drug abuse, and challenges within relationships.

Our sexual assault counsellors are able to guide you to the relief and recovery you can find through a confidential, caring and trusting counsellor. This free service offers education and therapy groups as well as one-on-one counselling to women who have experienced any unwanted act of a sexual nature. This may include: kissing, fondling, oral sex, intercourse, or exposure to pornography that occurred during childhood or as an adult.

You may ask, “I have carried this secret my entire life. Why should I talk about it now?” The reason is this: you are never too old to recover, grow and thrive. Counselling can help you get your life back. Counselling can take away the power of the secret and free you to see yourself in a new and healthy way.

CAMH “Recognizing the Effects of Abuse-Related Trauma” describes WHY Healing is important. Healing is important because it:

  • Allows women to feel more in control of their lives and entitled to their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Allows women to develop closer relationships with others.
  • Helps women to free themselves from the traumatic past; they no longer relive it in nightmares or in their daily lives whenever they feel afraid or powerless.
  • Can help relieve pain, depression and anxiety.
  • Can help women experience their bodies and feelings again.
  • Counselling helps women thrive in their present lives by working through the trauma of sexual abuse. There is no fee for these services.

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