Counselling for People who Abuse their Partners

Counselling for People who Abuse their Partners (Partner Assault Response or “PAR”)

The Community Counselling Centre offers counselling for people who have used physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, and/or psychological abuse against their partner. Our program is called the Partner Assault Response (PAR) program.

The PAR program recognizes the role of socialization and male privilege that provides the context for violence against women. The program approaches intimate partner violence as a belief system that needs to be changed, instead of anger management or conflict resolution. Graduates of the program have learned how male privilege makes most men blind to the harm caused by abusive believe systems.

The program is not designed to fix relationships, but rather, is designed to build awareness and challenge the abusive behaviours men have used.

This group is for you if:

  • you have ever hit, pushed, slapped, shoved, or threatened your partner, or frightened her in other ways.
  • she has told you that she is afraid of you, or shown fear of you in other ways.
  • you pressure her to do things your way, even if she does not want to.
  • you are jealous or possessive of your partner.
  • you treat her badly and blame her for your behaviours.

Who attends the PAR Program:

All types of men attend our program. The program is open to men referred by the criminal justice system. The program is available in French or English to men 18 years and older.

The goals of the program are:

  • to confront and challenge beliefs and attitudes that support your abusive behaviours.
  • to increase a awareness of your abusive behaviours.
  • to encourage you to take full responsibility for your behaviours and to become accountable for these abusive and controlling actions.
  • to provide new, non-abusive and non-controlling alternatives to abuse.

About the Program:

  • You must first complete an intake/assessment.
  • The Program lasts 12 sessions.
  • The sessions are held once a week for 2 hrs.
  • There is a fee for this program.

Services for Women:
Throughout your involvement in our program, our Partner Contact Worker remains available to your ex-partner or partner. We offer women the opportunity to talk about the experience of abuse, and to learn about programs and other resources available to her and the children.

We also offer a Partner Intervention Program for women who have been charged for domestic violence.